Barbary IoT Gateway with powerful BLE & Wi-Fi

It’s a faster and safer gateway with powerful Bluetooth® LE & Wi-Fi CPU and WPA 2.0 enterprise encryption for data security and transmission, Barbary I0T Gateway collects data from Bluetooth® LE Beacon, sensor and other IoT devices, and then sends it to the cloud over Wi-Fi / Ethernet. It’s a great option for all industry applications.

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Email: sale@falco.co.th


Barbary IoT Gateway Specifications

General Information

Color White
Size 150x150x36mm
Net Weight 180g
Accessory 1x USB cable, mental fixing and screws
Power supply (Vcc) DC 5.0 (+/- 5%) Max. 5.5 Volts
Storage temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Humidity Max 95%, non-condensing, relative humidity

WiFi RF Performance

Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g/n (single stream)
Data rate IEEE 802.11b, 1-11Mbps

IEEE 802.11g, 6-54Mbps

IEEE 802.11n(2.4GHz), 7.2-72.2Mbps

Frequency band 2.400 – 2.484 GHz
Number of selectable Subchannels 14 channels
Maximum receive input level -10dBm(with PER < 8%@11Mbps)

-20dBm(with PER < 10%@54Mbps)

-20dBm(with PER < 10%@MCS7)

Minimum receive input level -87dBm(typ. with PER < 8%@11Mbps)

-70dBm(typ. with PER < 10%@54Mbps)

-70dBm(typ. with PER < 10%@MCS7)

Transmit Power 17dBm(typical)@802.11b



Range up to 90 meters( in open space)

Bluetooth® LE RF Performance

Item Parameters
RF Power Accuracy  +/- 4 dB
Receiver Sensibility -108dBm@250kbps, 0.1% BER

-93dBm@1Mbps, 0.1 %BER

Maximum Received Signal Strength at <0.1% PER 0dBm
Frequency Deviation +/-250 kHz @Bluetooth® LE
Scanning & concurrently process 300 Bluetooth® LE packets per second
Range up to 300 meters in open space



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